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The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This scintillating animal chair collection by Maximo Riera, represents an assorted range of genus, ranging from reptiles to mammals and some furniture even depicts insects. Every creation of Riera retains the natural vitality of the animals being covered and they are all biologically accurate in their presentation. This particular collection is a tribute to capture nature’s beauty in all its living things.

Right from the inception of the idea for this collection, Riera was aware that the strength of each product was in the maintenance of its proportions. He was also aware that not many people would get an opportunity of standing face to face with most of these animals and wanted to bring people to the presence of them. In a way, each chair depicts virtual interaction. It has been built on a superior scale to create a force that looks authoritative and one which respects the qualities of these great animals.

This chair is made up of polyurethane of high density and it weighs about three hundred and fifty pounds. The form has an inner frame that runs along its body by supporting the weight to reinforce the balance. All pieces in this furniture collection will be made to order and they will take approximately three months before they are complete. It is the collective handiwork of more than thirty skilled professionals that hail from five different organizations.

Each chair is a breathtaking sight and is regarded more as a throne because of its exceptional presence and its size. When you look at the collection, it feels like the design has captured the mighty capacity of nature.

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