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Textured Modern Furniture by Hilla Shamia

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Product designer, Hilla Shamia, has mastered the technique of fusing aluminum and wood in her 'Textured Modern Furniture' collection. the collection includes tables, stools and benches of different sizes.

Shamia uses the technique of pouring molten liquid aluminum into the wooden mold. The aluminum liquid transfers directly on to a wooden surface ,especially selected out of eucalyptus and cypress tree trunks, and absorbed quickly into the wood cracks and the remainder of the pooled liquid will remain on the top, burning slowly through a layer of the wood. Every piece has a rich texture and looks as the original tree trunk that it comes from with the exception of the material finish which is unlike the wood warmth very cold looking, creating an astonishing contrast with the warmth of the original wood piece.

The combinations of the warm and cold finish gives this collection a very exceptional aesthetics.

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