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Suspended Bathtub by Splinter

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Vessel suspended bathtub by Splinter, is inspired by hammock design and at first glance, it would be difficult to discern whether it is a hammock or a bathtub.

Splinter has given it a sleek design and has embellished it with some impressive curves. The tub looks inviting and it would be a great feel to slide into it as it gives a sense of floating in thin air. While it looks suspended, it is actually supported by brackets made of stainless steel that can be either hidden or exposed depending on your aesthetic sense.

VESSEL is made out of carbon fiber and it has been insulated to keep the tub warm for a longer period of time. There is a floor faucet that has been provided to release the water into a drain in the floor. In case of a wet room not being available, a downspout could always be added. You can really stretch out in this tub as it is bigger than a standard one and allow sufficient room to splash around. This floating sculpture is available in varied colors and will make your lounge luxuriously.

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