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Steam Series Furniture by Bae Se Hwa

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designed by Bae Se Hwa, the Stream Series is inspired from the idea known as `Baesanimsu’. This Korean concept states that the ideal home has a mountain in its backyard and a river in the front. His work reflects the Baesanimsu concept as it offers the meditative and tranquil qualities of flowing water as well as a silhouette of a mountain that comforts you.

Se Hwa designs furniture with organic curves that are highly technical. The designs are both solid and fluid at the same time. He creates undulating shapes from slatted wood. The product is first designed on the computer and then further refined during the construction phase, to become an elegant and harmonious shape that fits the user's body. His main handcraft method is steam bending the wood, in this case walnut strips, until they could be bent into the mold and set in a matter of seconds.

Nature is a dominant theme in Hwa’s work and his style consists of surface and lines as a form of sculptural object. Every strip of wood is pre-designed and is placed in position with acute care, forming a flawless and organically smooth object.

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