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Sempli Cupa Vino by Daniele Semeraro

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The exquisite hand-blown Cupa bar ware by Sempli owner ,Daniele Semeraro, looks like it is about to tip over; but it will not. When you look at this cup, your eyes will start playing a trick on you. The glasses are without a stem and the decanter has a bottom shaped like cones which will rotate on their own axis. These pieces are very cautiously designed and their main function is to serve as objects that revolve. The beverages will get decanted when these containers are rotating.

He has also designed coasters to go with these glasses. These coasters help in keeping the glasses stationary.

Sempli Cupa is simply the ideal wine glass after a good meal. These glasses are made out of crystal that is lead-free and have to be hand washed only. The stem-less designing on this traditional glass creates the swirling rotation when it is set down on the table. It enhances your sensory experience when you pour yourself some wine in it.


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