Papier Mache Stool by James Shaw

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Papier Mache Stool designed by James Shaw is part of a unique collection that has brought about an innovative way of creating furniture by spray painting it.

His collection includes stools, tables, lamps and shelves. Once the structural base and the shape of the furniture is done, extra colors are then added to give these great pieces of design an extra vigor.

These experimental manufacturing methods of James Shaw were first seen with his famous product, `the well proven chair’ where he combined a blend of bio resin with wood waste shavings to make it react in such a way that it expanded into a kind of foam that could be molded.

He has expanded further on his production processes and material explorations to come out with three gun sprays which spray out papier mache, pewter and plastic material.

Each gun is a creative tool for major production techniques.

The papier mache stool has been made by the papier mache gun which co-sprays a mixture of recycled paper fiber in a unique way. It is done with a water-binder mixture which condenses in the air when it hits a substrate. This stool was presented at the Royal College of Art Graduate Exhibition in 2013. This process has seen creations of rough forms that seem like geological ones.

The whole process is not as easy as it seems. It is complicated and builds up jagged geological forms with real complex surfaces.

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