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FAVO Shelf System

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designed by Imperfetto Lab, The Favo Shelf System is a wall hanging shelving system which is made up of organic and irregular shapes that collectively create an attractive art piece as well.

These shapes are made in two different molds and sizes. They are then sanded and painted and eventually hand finished so that they come out with an ideal polish.

Each piece is extremely light as it is made of fiberglass and it is highly suitable for indoors. They are also resistant to rain and sunlight if you want to place them outdoors. They come in white and black fiberglass colors and could be arranged in numerous configurations.

Favo Shelf System I –

Measurements - 19" height x 25" length x 13" Width

Favo Shelf System II –

Measurements - 22" height x 40.5" length x 13" Width

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