Enignum Two Seater by Joseph Walsh

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Enignum Two Seater by Joseph Walsh, is a beautifully crafted curved form that proves the exquisite artistic skills of Walsh.

He is among those designers and makers who have been mostly self-taught and believes that designers can go ahead and enhance the quality of people’s lives by surrounding themselves with rare objects which possess values that are much beyond their aesthetic look and their functions. The creative approach shown by Joseph Walsh reflects on his appreciation of the natural forms and beauty that surrounds us and it also speaks about his willingness to engage the people who will be using his masterfully designed pieces of art.

You will come across a sympathetic use of material when you look at the Enignum Two Seater along with an intimate relationship which is found between the process of creating these structures and finding forms. It is made up of olive, ash and suede materials with white oil finish. Its dimensions are length 2200mm x depth 1150mm x height 840 mm and could be found in several significant international museums and private collections as it is exhibited regularly in important design and art fairs. His work has principally been one of a kind and rare limited edition pieces.

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