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Decomposition Table By Ian Devenney

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Decomposition Table by Ian Devenney has been created especially for Digital Promises. This was a show in search of products made from the intersection between design, art and technology.

The Decomposition Table was designed as a coffee table and it was conceptualized originally as a table for dining. The design of it was inspired by an actual decomposition of a certain digital image which has been portrayed as a sequence of cascading pixels.

The resulted table is not light as it is made up of walnut wood which is solid and it therefore weighs substantially. The process used by Devenney is representative of all the digital processes that are emerging in the world of craftsmanship. He designed the table using the Rhino -3D process. This digital image has become somewhat of a guide for assembling and cutting the physical form. The pixelated side of the table is made from individual blocks that has been sanded, placed and assembled in its position. Steel plates have been used as supports for the other leg.


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